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About us

Internationally awarded, family owned, quality not quantity oriented, orchard based, full 100% juice, hand crafted, environment friendly real cider makers.

Everything from grafting and planting apple trees, taking care of the orchard, harvesting the fruit, pressing the juice, till the ready cider is done by Plūme family: wife Dace and husband Māris. They've gained knowledge while working at well known family cider production farms in Austria (Mostviertel) and France (Normandy) as well as doing lots of experiments using different fermentation technics to get different styles of cider since year 2010. Also fermented beverages like perry, fruit wines and distilled strong spirits are being made.

Located in Ogres novads - literary the centre and the heart of Latvia. Orchard consist mostly of rare and special purpose apple variety trees, not so many perry pear trees and berry bushes and some other fruit. It is surrounded by wild forests which give perfect protection against strong winds. It has very fertile clay soil which is perfect for growing healthy apple trees. The northern weather of Baltics is also quite unique because in summers it has much longer hours of daylight and the temperature change from quite warm in the day and chilly in the night give great contribution to development of strong aromas in fruit.

There is ever growing collection of apple varieties in the orchard: Some rare aromatic dessert apples, several local and world wide known crab apples, new hybrids from national apple breeding programs, tannic chance seedlings found in Latvia and also true English and French bittersweet cider apples. Also few Austrian perry varieties (Mostbirnen) are grafted and grown on local seedling rootstocks.

To make the most character full cider, the best fruit are needed. Since 2015 crops are being harvested also from own orchard and things are getting more exciting ever since. But still (2019) big part of fruit is gained by "apple safari" - driving around and searching for the best possible seedlings or wild apples - malus sylvestris.

But who is this Mr. Plūme whose hat is on the labels of the drinks? 

Mr.Plūme is mythical character living in our orchard. He might be our relative or even brother. Who knows? We've never met him, but we know he is there - we often find bitten bitter apples lying on the ground. We suspect that Mr. Plūme is actually guarding our orchard. We get along really well.

Māris and Dace Plūmes after receiving highest awards for Mr. Plūme ciders in SISGA cider competition in Asturies, Spain.

Carab apples 'Bērzkroga dzeltenais'. Latvians call crab apples - 'Paradise apples'

Māris Plūme working with Voran packing press 100P2 in Mr. Plūme cidery

Mr. Plūme ciderry. Enjoying cider on sunny terrace

We Offer

Tours - visit our farm, get to know our story, taste our products, purchase at site.

Drinks - we offer different ciders, perries, fruit wines, strong spirits.

Music can be performed in addition. Acoustic, bluesy, jazzy, instrumental by cider producer

We can do tastings supplemented with stories and live music at Your location.

Gifts. We can organise cute gift boxes with our drinks combined with unique, small scale produced local products.


We specialise in making premium ciders and perries, but we make more than that. Have a look in our web-shop!

We also export to countries like Portugal, Belgium, Lithuania, Finland and more. 

Please contact us if interested! [email protected] +371 29631631, +371 28465427

Cider & Perry

Non sparkling apple ciders. White wine like character - acidic, fruity, refreshing.

Wild fermented, tannic pet-nat ciders made from apples collected via apple safari - picked at forest sides or other wild places.

VIntage ciders - each years special batch from self grown cider apples (like Dabinett, Yarlington Mill...), combined with best local apple varieties (Lietuvas pepiņš, Cidross) or crab apples (Kerr, Kuku). Each vintage is different by choices of varieties and production methods. Wild fermented mostly.

Perrys from self grown special pears, made sparkling  by 'traditional method' exactly as its done in finest sparkling wine making.

Mulled cider ready to be poured and heated. Refreshing, moderately sweet, with just the right touch of cloves and cinnamon. Many prefer to drink it chilled.

MR. Plūme ciders and perry: sparkling and still, fermented wild and with cultured yeast. Special vintage pet-nat ciders, too.

fruit wine

Black currant berry wine, dry, 13% alc. vol. Very much like dry red grape wine with medium astringency, medium body, red fruit flavour. Excellent with deer and other red meet.

Rhubarb wine, dry, 12% alc. vol. Very light colour, strong and fresh rhubarb aroma, acidic, mineral, rhubarb flavour. Long, slightly bitter aftertaste. Excellent with fish, sushi and other sea food dishes.

Blackcurrant, apple, cydonia oblonga mulled wine, with specially selected spices addition. Great wintertime drink. Enjoy heated to 60-70°C or chilled as dessert wine.

strong spirits

Kalvīts. Apple cider spirits, 40% alc. vol. 0.35l. In oak barel aged. Not always available.

Blackcurrant grappa, 40% alc. vol. 0.35l. Made like wine grappa but from black currant. Not always available.

And more... 

See our web-shop for what is currently available!

Where are we located?

Mr. Plūme cidery address: "Zīles", Jumpravas pagasts, Ogres novads, LV-5022, Latvija

Mobile: +371 29631631, +371 28465427